Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Jade Gua Sha Board

Just out of nowhere, decided to boast about my jade Gua Sha board.

Long before I learned about Gua Sha technique, I bought a piece of raw jade and had it polished. I wanted to use it as a worry stone.

Somehow, I realised that touching my face with this stone felt very good, too. I started scraping my face with it, using oils, and it became my usual routine.

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Later, I learned that there was this Chinese scraping technique called Gua Sha (or Guasha), and that I basically used it without learning how to do it. I watched some videos, read articles and made adjustments to my technique.

I was thinking about buying "more professional" Gua Sha tools, but, really, I feel that my stone is good enough. I know that it is natural jade, not cheap composite materials sold everywhere, so I guess I will hold on to my small self-made scraping stone. .

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