Monday, October 3, 2016

A Cat as a Natural Sleep Aid

The kitten we have found in the end of summer proved to be a fantastic asset. She is fearless, tireless, playful and cuddly. She purrs like a big caterpillar tractor despite her tiny size. She steals food and gets into every box and cabinet. We fight for the right to sleep with her as she is the most fantastic sleep aid, warm and purring. You hold her and feel the tension leave you... 

She might not be the most beautiful cat I have seen, but she has the most amazing personality and a very strong character. 

And she is the funniest cat ever, too. See her sleeping in a flower pot? She just loves it. I wanted to plant a new flower but maybe I should just keep it for Wing Chun as she likes it so much.

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  1. Hello Eugenie,
    She is so cute!and Im so happy that she find a home before cold is coming...
    And you re so awesome to tka e care of her and give her all the love she needs.
    At home I actually have..maye 20 cats..maybe more.
    Tehy often ome alone to eat ,drink,have some hugs and they stay here for ever.
    I love cats and I get better when they sleep by my side or just sit on my legs doing the "rrrrrr.." love them, love them and if I could I ll take all the homeless cats at home!
    Did you give her a name?


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