Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ivan Argunov. Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Peasant Dress

Just something I stumbled upon today and decided to share: a portrait that I love from the first sight, when I was a child. This is a "Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Peasant Dress" by Ivan Argunov dating back to 1784. It belongs to the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

I never thought her to be very beautiful, but always liked her mild Slavic features and open and friendly gaze. Her costume is very correct, fully in accordance with that time: a sarafan dress and a fine shirt, fit for a special occasion. Her headpiece is a beautiful kokoshnik with gold embroidery, and her necklace is made from large coral beads. I guess she was from a rich family.

There is not much else to say about the portrait, save for the fact that I find it lovely and the woman feels almost like an elder relative to me. I hope that you like the portrait as well. 


  1. Hello ,
    I also really lovethis protrait.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Helena! Thank you, I am glad that you like it!

  2. Oh i love this painting so much. Warm tones and all the way beautiful


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