Monday, March 7, 2016

No Regrets About Cherry Blossoms

We do not have many sakura trees in Tashkent, but I am fortunate to have one close to my house. Today I spent half an hour under the tree, marvelling at these blooms. They look like vintage lace to me, frayed edges and imperfections making it even more precious. It is a pity that these blooms do not last, but I remember their fleeting beauty throughout the year.

There was a haiku by Issa:

when cherry blossoms
no regrets


  1. I LOVE cherry blossoms and can't wait until they start blooming again. Your photos are stunning and the haiku is so sweet :)

  2. So beautiful! Sadly, there are no cherry trees at all where I currently live.

  3. Beautiful. It looks like spring is on it's way!


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