Friday, October 2, 2015

Aleppo, My Love. Pre-War Photos

About ten years ago I was fortunate to spend several weeks in Aleppo. I loved the city and kept planning to come back one day - with my family. Now, it seems, there is nothing to come back to...

I do not watch the news. I feel very sad for the people I knew personally, and for those I did not. I will never be able to come back to Aleppo I knew. Even if they restore the city, it will be different, so all I have left is memories and a bunch of photos. I know they are really bad, as I had a film camera which I could not use well, but I still want to share them. The lousy photos and my love for Aleppo, the city of cream marble, orange trees and honey-like muezzin voices. And floating above all is the scent of calabash smoke and coffee with spices. Sorry, Aleppo, you did not deserve what happened to you and your people. I still love you.



  1. I love the photos and I love how you captured everyday life in your street scenes! Sadly, so much destruction in Syria and elsewhere.

  2. I think your photos are wonderful -- they capture the spirit of Aleppo before the war. So sad.


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