Monday, September 21, 2015

Tropical Butterflies Conservatory in Tashkent

There is a Tropical Butterflies Conservatory in our city now. I am not a fan of keeping anyone in captivity, but went anyway - I have little chance of seeing them otherwise. I was relieved to see that the pavillion was huge, with beautiful tropical plants, nice moist and warm air, and the butterflies did not seem to suffer. I am not an expert on them, of course... but there were many flowers and a bunch of these lovely creatures - not too many - fluttering around, and all that looked really nice. I regret not taking note of their names. I guess I will go there again, with my mother. In the meantime, I will just share the photos.


  1. I absolutely love that second photo of the butterfly down inside the hibiscus! Very beautiful.

  2. They are so beautiful, great shots! I hope to go back to the zoo to visit the butterfly pavilion. The last time it was too late and that area was closed. I just love butterflies!


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