Saturday, September 19, 2015

Russian Shawl: Memories in Colour

I can frankly say that I like all Russian shawls. In every one of them I can see something beautiful and appealing. They can be sophisticated and elegant or naive and simple; in subdued shades or bright as if painted by a child; large or small; all are fascinating to me. But, of course, I do have my favourites. Now and then, we find something very special, fascinating and unusual. This time, it is a large and heavy shawl called Memories, by Ekaterina Regunova (шаль "Воспоминания", Екатерина Регунова). 

Well, if ever there was a shawl aptly named... This beauty is dreamy and nostalgic; I am thinking  of how it could wrap about the wearer, like a warm cocoon, granting protection - not only from elements, but, possibly, from reality of everyday life as well. A soft and cosy shell, smelling of your grandmother's favorite perfume, and bringing to mind her dark closet full of swooshing silk dresses, and her mirror, reflecting bottles of lead glass and so many precious and charming objects. 

Let us just enjoy the photos, even though they do not give the shawl justice. Imagine that it is much more rich and alluring in real life and forgive my poor skills. 

The design is quite unusual - it is a large floral frame with a black square inside, as if it is meant for the wearer to be inside. Actually, this is what a shawl is for, in my view, just like any piece of clothing: it is supposed to serve as a frame, and not to play the main role.

The shawl reminds me of still life pictures by an eminent Russian artist, Ivan Khrutsky (1810-1885).

Flowers and Fruits, 1839

Still Life with a Candle. After 1855. 

...I know that the actual similarity is scarce, but to me they seem to be in the same mood. The slipping beauty of the world, the last rays of sun in the evening. I hope you liked the shawl and the pictures by Khrutsky. 

The shawl is available in my Etsy shop at this point, but it will not stay long. I am thinking of turning it into a scarf, as there is too much damage, unfortunately. It is being offered at the price of a scarf. If you would rather have it as it is, buy it while you can. 


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