Thursday, September 24, 2015

Highlights of Our Morning Walk

Today, Jager and myself went to a large park situated quite far from our place. We walked past the empty streets - at 6 am there are no people around.

Here in Uzbekistan we have a lot of basil which is used both as an edible and a decorative plant. This one is part of a large flowerbed near a water supply enterprise office. I love the scent; it brings back so many childhood memories. To me, basil is closely associated with my land.

We came to the park and I was dismayed to see a lot of garbage around - plastic bottles, bags, various boxes... I do not understand how a person can come to a beautiful place - to enjoy the beauty - and then leave thrash after themselves. Eh well... I am not a fan of cleaning, especially after strangers, but I had had enough. Jager was thrilled, because I asked him to look for plastic bottles. This is just about one third of what we picked.

This is some unknown fruit falling from a tree,

Jager having rest after running up and down grassy slopes.

As we were going home, I spotted some roses, I love autumn roses in their mature beauty. The age marks which might seem imperfections to other people are somehow endearing to me, making the flowers look more real and vulnerable.

Roses and fat hen - the combination is unusual, but elegant. When I see fat hen, I always remember what my great grandmother told me: people ate it during the WWII in order not to starve to death. Now champions of healthy lifestyle say that fat hen is a very healthy food. Yes, I suppose so, especially when you are not confined to it only.

That was a nice walk, and lasted almost three hours. I am grateful to the dog for dragging me outside and making me move, breath fresh air and see things. Tomorrow we will choose another destination.


  1. What a lovely morning walk with Jager! He's so handsome. Love the close up of him :)
    Too bad about the littering :-( Some people have no manners!

  2. Beautiful roses!
    I hate to see trash on the roads or in the river. You and Jager did a great thing by helping clean the area :)

  3. Oh what beautiful photos! Love the basil one. and - sorry about the trash :( people like these are everywhere, unfortunately.

  4. You had a lovely walking. Love the basil photo!

  5. Well done!
    Good on you - you do right things!

  6. Beautiful photos and great job, you've done the right things


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