Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Shawl of Character: Spice and Silkiness

There are some shawls that are not just pieces of fabric with fringe attached. There are shawls with character and dignity. This is definitely one of them: it is so regal that it is hard for me not to curtsey when I see it.

This Russian shawl is called Whimsical Evening ("Таинственный вечер"). It was designed by Natalya Belokur, a renowned artist of Pavlovo Posad Manufacture. In my view, it is a real masterpiece, full of harmony and energy. The combination of colours makes me think of oriental spices.

This batch of shawls was printed at very special fabric - very tightly woven wool which feels cool and silky to the touch. It is not flimsy, even though it is rather fine.

It is so large that you will feel very cozy wrapping all of yourself into it on a gloomy day. At the same time, you can wear it as a scarf, and it will not be too bulky as this is such a fine fabric.

You can buy the shawl in my Etsy shop here. It is new with tag. I do not expect to have another one like this, as they are quite expensive, and this one was obtained as a result of shawl swapping with a collector friend. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Cat Needs a Name

Just before leaving for vacation, my mom rescued this very nice Thai cat who had to be taken to the mountain village with us.

I was very worried that the cat might escape from the strange place, but she proved to be very smart and very focused on people, rather than on the dwelling. She adjusted immediately and felt at home.

She has great nerves and does not seem to be afraid of anything. I am also thrilled by the fact that she is an excellent huntress who catches and eats mice and all sorts of insects.

The cat has been with us for a couple of months already and still has no name... just Cat, which is of course a name of some sort, but I think she needs a proper name... Any suggestions will be welcome. She is a tiny cat, finely built and silky to the touch, and deserves a beautiful name.
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