Thursday, July 9, 2015

Garden at Night: a Blue Russian Shawl

As a rule, I do not like blue Russian shawls. I do not wear blue, I do not like too much blue around me, unless it is water or twilight sky... I do not even wear blue jeans, can you imagine? So, a blue shawl is not something that would normally have me impressed. 

However, this indigo blue Russian shawl is quite different; it caught my eye immediately. It is so full of lavish flowers - like a tropical night - and those deep shades of blue look cool and refreshing. 

The shawl is called Confession (or Acknowledgement, for its Russian title can be translated in several ways - but I prefer the more romantic option, for the obvious reasons). It is a lovely shawl, huge but lightweight and easy to wear. It is made from the finest wool, soft and supple. 

It was produced by the famous Pavlovo Posad Manufacture, the center for Russian shawl production. Its author is Elena Jukova, a renowned shawl designer who has created many collectable pieces.

The shawl is just stunning, with an avalanche of flowers against the rich blue background. It is overflowing with classic roses, but there is also a very unusual detail - lovely trumpet creeper flowers! This is the only Russian shawl that has those beauties, to the best of my knowledge


 You can buy this beauty in our Etsy shop; we only have one and I do not expect it to last.

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