Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thinking of Cool Sea Waters

....I have had a couple of hard weeks recently; I have been overloaded with work, taken to the Kyzyl Kum desert for a field trip (not a nice trip in the summer), and had to go to a doctor and now I am receiving a rather unpleasant treatment against some inflammation. So, I haven't really had time and energy for the blog, but I will improve.

Today I took a break from work and made this collage with one of my favorite Russian shawls, Sadko. The shawl is made at Pavlovo Posad Manufacture in Russia; dress is Valentino Pre-Fall 2014; necklace is from a lovely Etsy shop, and illustration is by Ivan Bilibin. I love the cool green colour - this is just what I need to see after a trip to that desert.

I do not have this shawl for sale anymore, but I have many others - you can check them here.

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