Monday, May 25, 2015

Livadiya - the Tropical Beauty of Crimea in a Russian Shawl

I know, I often show a Russian shawl and say that this is the most beautiful one I have seen. This is because there are too many awesome Russian shawls to choose one favourite. The one I am showing today, however, could easily be my all-time winner, because it is truly stunning.

This shawl has its own name - it is called Livadiya. This is a very beautiful place in the Crimea. The shawl is designed by an eminent artist Irina Dadonova, and it was in production in the 1980s. This is a vintage shawl now, but it does not look outdated - a timeless classic with lots of character. Overflowing with lavish roses, chestnut leaves, rowan berries and countless small flowers, it makes a statement. It is notable that the artist, born in 1939, is still active. I hope Irina Dadonova lives for many years more and produces more masterpieces.

The shawl is not for sale, as it already has an owner, but I have to share the photos.


  1. So beautiful! And great job capturing the vibrant colors with you photos.

  2. I love the beautiful colors in the shawl!!! Lovely photos.


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