Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Sunday Shawl and a Wind Orchestra

Vintage shawls have a very special appeal for me. A Russian shawl was a very important accessory for a Russian woman, and my great grandmother was not an exclusion. She loved her shawls and wore them a lot, both cotton and wool. I am sure she would love a shawl like this - lavish, festive, light, and somehow unmistakably Soviet. It reminds me of city parks of my very early childhood. I cannot describe them to you; they were to be seen. Very well cared for, full of flowers, and with paths covered in red sand. And on Sundays there would always been a wind orchestra, playing tango and waltz, and people danced. And there would be women wearing their shawls...  Or maybe this is not even what I remember myself, because the picture of parks that I see in my mind is more like post-WWII, and I could not have seen it. Feels like genetic memory, rather. 

This rare and beautiful shawl is for sale in my Etsy shop here

And this is a song that keeps coming to my mind when I look at this shawl: 

It is an old Russian (Soviet) song, about love and a wind orchestra playing in the park. 


  1. Beautiful shawl. And what a great music treasure. It reminds me a little of Dr. Zhivago.

  2. Your description of the park, the music and dancing sounds so lovely! The shawl is absolutely stunning!


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