Sunday, April 19, 2015

Russian Scarves - Small Masterpieces

A Russian shawl does not have to be large in order to be beautiful. These are smaller - 88 cm or 34.5 inches - essentially they are Russian scarves and not shawls. However, they are just as bright and stunning as their larger relatives. Naturally, these smaller babushka scarves are easier to wear than gorgeous large shawls, and they will fit effortlessly into any wardrobe. 

This one was sold immediately. It reminds me of a raspberry bush even though those are roses, not berries. I was somewhat tempted to keep it, because I love raspberry and the summery feel of this scarf. 

This one was designed by the famous Ekaterina Regunova. It is characteristic of her bold and lavish style; she was not afraid of large flowers and dynamic lines. Available here

This Russian scarf has no name, and I do not know who designed it, but it also comes from Pavlovo Posad Manufacture. It is as ornate and sophisticated as a Russian lacquer jewelry box. The roses seem to be glowing, and the leaves are emerald green, and the small bead-like flowers and buds are a wonderfully elegant accent. Available here.

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