Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Sunday Morning in the Park

We have had a wonderful Sunday! In the morning, I went to the bazaar and bought some lovely vintage silk with ikat pattern, several beautiful vintage rugs to make pillows and two new old stock dresses from ikat silk. I am very happy with my finds! All of them and "the items thereof" will soon be listed in our Etsy shop, Mulberry Whisper.

Then we went to the park all together - my husband, Madina and myself. Madina tried the inline skates for the first time; before, she only used the four wheelers. She adapted fast, and soon was circling around us.

Madina and Jahongir are racing. Surprisingly, my husband can run quite fast and I was very impressed.

I envy her stamina, it is very hard to wear her down. She can play actively for hours.

After some playing at the ground, we played frisbee, and I have no photos because I was playing, too. It is a lot of fun! Two little boys ran over to join us, and they were hilarious to play and communicate with. The larger one (about 6 years' old) kept punching, pushing and beating the smaller one (probably about 5). The small one would yell and cry, and the larger one would then respond in a very business-like way: "Okay I am sorry". Then everything repeated again within a couple of minutes. It looked like a well established pattern and was very funny. I did try pacifying them but to no avail, and that is none of my business, anyway.

They also invented their own scoring system and kept proclaiming themselves the winning team called The Awful Ghost, which greatly appaled our daughter ("They can't throw well! They can't catch! What does it mean - "we are the winners"?).

Finally we thought that the three kids needed some drill to learn to handle frisbee better, and asked them to stand in line and catch the disc, and we would be keeping the score. The boys did not like the idea, as it seemed too difficult to them, and the smaller one said: "We do not intend to take part in this ridiculous activity!" (zic!). Without further discussion, they turned their backs at us simultaneously and retreated to the playgound. We just had to laugh again.

When leaving the park, I discovered a patch of violets and hung on there for a couple of minutes, enjoying their sweet fragrance mixed with the scents of moist warm earth, dead leaves, new grass... spring is in the air.

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