Saturday, February 21, 2015

Your Purse Might Want a Scarf, Too!

I am not someone obsessed with purses. I do not have a huge collection - I would not have room for it, anyway - and just have several, to go with all my outfits. But, as there are a few of them, I cannot but think that some change would be nice. As I always liked the sight of beautiful scarves tied to stylish purses, I decided to take this route, and my mother made this silk purse scarf: 

This is a slim silk scarf made from real Uzbek silk with a tiger print. Not to be too boastful, I like how it goes with my Coach purse. I do not believe in synthetics, preferring natural materials, and here we have a very nice combination of luxurious silk and the famous pebbled leather by Coach. Both are heavenly to the touch.

If you like smaller scarves, neckerchiefs, neck bows and such, you can wear it that way, too. It has nice volume and comfortable length, to go twice around your neck.

We used to have very good textile designers here back in Soviet time. This fabric is vintage, many years old, but still looks very relevant. Big cat prints are always in fashion, and this is a fine way to show your admiration without actually hurting animals. Even more, when using vintage fabric, you do not impose any pressure on natural resources, such as soil or water, because this fabric is already there. 

So, this is our first purse scarf, which can also be used as a head band, bun cover, ponytail holder cover, wrist scarf or bracelet, belt... (now I am getting tired of writing... I am sure there are countless more uses), and which came out very nice, in our view. You can buy one in our Etsy shop, Mulberry Whisper, and there are more on the way! All of them will be limited editions as we do not have large supplies of those vintage fabrics.


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