Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Tale of Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans ( is one of my favorite now living illustrators. The atmosphere she creates is like nothing else. I am looking at this print and memories are coming - memories of moonlit winter nights when I was looking out of the window to see that the whole world was covered in clean glistening snow and the huge benevolent moon was reigning above all, and my room would be almost as light as in the daytime. It felt like magic and gave me a chill in the stomach - expectation of something new, exciting and wonderful. The familiar things around me looked alive and different in this cold and even light.

As a rule, the moon looking into the window at night feels disturbing to me, but Lisa's moon here is so kind, even if a bit stern - like a loving grandmother - and there is no sense of alarm and fear. But this is no time to sleep, either, because everything around is so alight and alive. This might be the time to leave the bed, shake off the sleep, pull on your clothes and run out, to meet some adventures! The toys will follow you to help and protect.

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