Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two-Sided Russian Scarf, Warm and Beautiful

Double-sided two-colored wool scarves are a lot of fun to make - when we look at various vintage shawls, thinking of how best to combine them, and choose the most appealing combinations. This is a great way to give a second life to vintage Russian shawls which are damaged beyond repair through creating beautiful new pieces. The resulting Russian scarf, in our view, is very pretty: it is also thick, warm and sturdy. 

You can wear it so that it appears black with dreamy lilac and gold... 

...or dark burgundy with orange flowers... 

...or you can show both sides, as they look lovely together. 

This scarf and many others can be found in our Mulberry Whisper shop on Etsy. We will be happy to be of service to you! 

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