Saturday, February 14, 2015

Totoros Safe and Comfortable in their Flower Pots

I guess I have difficulties growing up. I still love toys, almost like 30 years ago. Not sure whether it is good or bad - it is just like that. Often, when choosing toys for my daughter, I feel that I actually buy them for myself. I guess that is quite infantile, and just have to laugh.

The set of small Totoro toys was definitely for myself, and they ended up in my flower pots. Yesterday I was cleaning house and watering the plants, so I had to remove the toys. I took this photo of very lonely Totoros and then felt such pity for them that I just had to follow up by making more photos with them comfortable at home.

This is where these Totoros usually live. It is a quiet and shady place with fast growing Oxalis in two colors - green and purple. Oxalis is one of the most sturdy plants that I have, and actually I did not plant or buy it - they grew on themselves, obviously from seeds which somehow were in the soil. My daughter loves this plant, mostly because it folds the leaves in the evening and it looks like magic.

These Totoros live with the small Pteris and Adiantum ferns. I love ferns, they are so modest and undemanding, and at the same time very beautiful, in the healthy wild way. When these grow bigger, they will be a lovely sight.

Totoro with umbrella and  Catbus are in the pot with a Ficus bennendijkii 'alii' which is a beautiful little tree. It deserves to have good photos taken, but this story is about toys, not about plants. I think I will need to give a photo session to plants, too.

The last one lives in the pot with fragrant juniper. The leaves you can see are those of basil which is placed nest to the juniper, It is nice to grow juniper and basil on your windows; when in need, you can always borrow a couple of leaves.

So, as we can see, all Totoros are comfortable in their flower pots. There are several other figures, but my daughter has hidden them in some secret place, I think. Now I will go and do some adult's business, specifically I will finish re-reading "The Masc of Sorcerer" and then will bake cheese cookies. Have a nice weekend! 

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