Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Paper Laptop of Our Poor Girl

I guess our family could face charges of children abuse and neglect. Can you imagine, our 8 years' old daughter has no laptop, no tablet, no iPad, no iPhone, no smartphone, nor even the most basic mobile phone. The poor child has to read paper books, draw on paper, play real toys and go to a real Taekwondo club, where she exercises in real life, instead of making a computer character sweat for her. How cruel!

So, because she is so deprived of electronic toys, she made for herself this laptop, using an empty candy box as a basis. Are my readers crying already? Can I use this for a fund raising petition to get some money and buy her a real laptop? Look at all the painstakingly drawn details, from the floral wallpaper to the keyboard and folders on the desktop.

The folders are as follows: Work, Photos, Films, Internet and Other. I just had to admire this attention to details; she also has not missed a single letter in the alphabet, and she did everything on her own, without even asking advice. This paper gadget was shown to me with great pride and came as a surprise.

And this is the exterior of this unique paper laptop. By the way, very nice souffle sweets, these were. They are traditionally called "Bird's Milk" here. This is to indicate that they are amazingly, unreally delicious, like nothing in the real world. Back in Soviet times, we had souffle cakes under this name.

...But, seriously, I think it that limiting child's screen time is not a bad idea. We are doing that on purpose, because we are seeing too many computer- or phone-obsessed children around. We want Madina to live in the real world and to be able to use the gadgets when she needs, and not the other way round - living in the virtual space and only eating and going to the toilet and doing chores as necessary. She does not seem to suffer without electronic devices, though, and we read a lot and play table games. We have several - Spot it!, Sleeping Queens, Moose in the House, Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Quirkle and Sсrabble and some others, and enjoy them.

What do you think? Do you like her laptop? Would you limit your child's screen time?


  1. К сожалению у моего ребенка есть это все и я вижу что он с трудом играет уже в реальные детские игры. Я стараюсь чтобы ребенок все-же читал бумажные книги и играл игрушками больше чем на планшете.
    А ваш компьютер просто супер :)) Молодец Мадина!

    1. Знаешь, она тоже вроде все это хочет... временами... но, похоже, не сильно страдает - занята и так. У них в во втором классе дети даже в школу таскают свои смартфоны, мне бы не понравилось. Ну, если твой все равно читает и играет игрушками, то, думаю. планшет ему не особо повредит. Ты же работаешь над ним )


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