Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Flowers for Sister and Daughter

As is my custom, upon receiving from Etsy something that I like very much, I am writing this appreciation message. This time I have the pleasure of writing about a ring and a barrette that I bought for my daughter and sister. They are from Mariya, a Russian artist who lives in Kursk, who has a shop named Sweetpinkbox on Etsy.

Mariya makes lovely items from artistic clay, sculpting all by hand. I know a bit about how she works from her Facebook page, where she shares photos of the process sometimes. I am amazed at the fineness of the detail, beauty and subtlety of these pieces. I have been watching them for a while, and finally decided we needed to buy something and see it in real life, touch and use it.

First I chose a ring for my 14 years' old sister. I know she will love it (will give it to her today). These tiny flowers in spring shades have to be loved. By the way, the grass-like substance is packaging, which is a nice detail, and also the ring has its own organza bag. And the size is adjustable. The shank is of good quality, sturdy and well-made.

Second, because I have a 8 years' old daughter, of course I had to buy something for her, too. I chose a barrette with dogwood flowers. They are larger in size but just as lovely. I adore dogwood and have a vintage sterling brooch with it. Now Madina will have something to match. The clasp works well and I think it will last.

As for the clay elements themselves, they feel quite sturdy and strong - not like dry dough, but rather like somewhat stiff leather. I inquired about their longevity before purchase and Mariya explained that this clay is quite durable and "is easier to cut with scissors than to break". It certainly feels like that. Of course we still need to be careful with these items - keep them dry, not to leave in direct sunlight for a long time, not to hit hard against things - but "real" jewelry also requires precautions, so this is only normal. Let the girls train with something not so expensive (but very pretty and well-made) first. 

It is a dark rainy morning here, so the photos are quite dark, too. I even like it, as this light lends that special early spring atmosphere to the lovely flowers, as if I was walking in the garden after the rain, and they were there, still wet and cool to the touch. (By the way, I want to mention that the seller's photos are true to life and show the products very accurately), I like these little works of art, and I like the fact that I bought them directly from the artist, a very nice young woman who has a small son, who works a lot and continues her artistic education. This makes things feel more alive and personal, much better than in case of a mass made product. In the end, jewelry is a very special thing for women - even for little ones.

I hope that Katherine and Madina love these little presents and take good care of them and enjoy them a lot. Thank you, dear Mariya of the Sweetpinkbox! I guess we will be back for more!

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