Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pandora and Chamilia, my Dream Bracelets

Finally, I have received my Pandora and Chamilia bracelets. Here, in Uzbekistan, we do not have these brands, and I had to ask my US cousin to buy the components and send them to me. It took a while, but at last I have them with me!

I am afraid I haven't been much of a purist with them. I wanted a bangle, but Pandora's bangle is perfectly round and I do not like it. I have had round bangles before and they were not comfortable. So, I opted for a Chamilia Brilliance bangle, as it is oval and thus more ergonomic. I bought several charms: Birds of a Feather (a pair), Tree of life, Moss and white Fascinating Murano, and complemented them by spacers.

As I really loved the retired Wine charm with peridot, I bought it, too, and it has a personal bracelet - khaki multi-cord Pandora. It is quite comfortable, and with just one charm, I do not expect it to stretch.

Just as I planned, these two look lovely together and go well with mist items from my closet.

As I have never seen these pieces in reality before, I was a bit surprised: a) how small they were (that is usual when you buy jewelry online) b) how heavy they were; c) how sparkly they were; and d) how beautiful they were! 

I must say that the Bracelet Builder feature at Pandora's website is very useful. This is the design of my bracelet; there is no option of a bangle, so I used the classic bracelet, but otherwise this gave a very good picture of what the bracelet will look like. I called the design 'Dark Garden', although it is not very dark. But I think there is a certain enigma in it.

I do not expect to buy many other charms. Frankly, I have never been interested in these bracelets before, and always thought that Pandora was something full of pink Swarovski, I have nothing against bling, this is just not my style. However, these are perfect for me... but there are not many charms left in the collection which I might want. Most of the remaining ones are Swarovski (just joking!).

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