Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Ottoman White Rug Pillow with Floral Print

...Our last rug pillow made from my very favorite white rug with Ottoman design:

I like these soft and durable vintage rugs. They are beloved by Uzbek families and used for many purposes - mainly to cover sofas and chairs and large wooden chests. They are also hung on walls. Of course this is a machine made rug, and it is not made from wool - I think it is a mix of cotton and rayon. But it also has some benefits, making the rug both more affordable and easier to work with. Pillows made from handwoven wool rugs have to be hand sewn!

There are many people who do not like wool kilim pillows because of the rough wool which makes them itch. With this soft velour pillow and its likes, this problem will not appear, because it is soft and nice to the touch. 

We still have this last floral pillow - an orphan! - for sale in our Mulberry Whisper shop on Etsy. You can give it a nice forever home! It will look good with many colors of furniture and many styles of interior. My mother made it with much love and care, so I hope it still retains some of the positive energy. 


  1. Hi is this still available? Where are you based? Could you let me know more info?

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest! There were offered in our Etsy shop here - - but we have run out of them. I am going to list more rug pillows in the nearest days.


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