Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Favorite Essential Oils: Myrrh and Frankincense

I use some aromatherapy methods for my family and myself. It is mostly small things, like a home-made cream for hands and feet, or several drops of oil in the bath, or a massage with diluted oils. I have a modest collection and they last for a long time.

Recently I bought Myrrh and Frankincense by Nature's Kiss. I have been wondering about these oils for a while, as they are legendary, mentioned in Bible many times and are highly praised by aromatherapy specialists. I have made a small research, looking at prices and reviews, and thought that this would be a good value for money. My other oils are by Eden's Garden and Now Foods; I like them, they feel good, and I think they are decent quality. However for these two, I opted for a somewhat more expensive option of Nature's Kiss, based on reviews.

As I have no prior experience with these oils, I cannot make any comparisons. I just have to say that I love them very much, and they are wonderful to smell and to apply. I use a blend on my face and neck instead of a night cream, and also rub into my feet. Frankincense has a very strong coniferous smell, while Myrrh is earthy and soothing. Fragrances are hard to describe, and I am groping for words, as I am trying to express my feelings. I am afraid I am not succeeding. I just love Myrrh; it makes me feel at home, protected and warm. I think I might use it instead of perfume - diluted, of course.

Yesterday I thought of using some Frankincense on my dog, too. We have had a very bad year in terms of health, with too much antibiotics, and I feel that his immune system needs support. I give him probiotics and prebiotics, feed him a cooked food, and try to restore him back to the state where he would not need medicines. As for Frankincense essential oil, many sources name it as a very beneficial overall oil for dogs, so it was a very obvious choice.

I took a small amount of blend containing peach seed carried oil and Frankincense essential oil and gave Jager a rub. He greatly enjoyed the massage. Today we repeated the procedure. At least, he loves the massage and does not display any adverse side effects, so I will continue for the time being. If there are any visible results, I will write about them. For now, we are having fun during these rub sessions, and the added bonus is that Jager smells so nice!

And have you ever used essential oils for yourself or your pets? What were the results?

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