Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Book on My List of Favorites - The Mask of the Sorcerer

This photo reminded me of Darrell Schweitzer's novel, The Mask of the Sorcerer. I have just re-read if for the third time (actually, I read it for the second time two days ago and immediately started again, which I have never done before). I am not good at sharing my feelings about books - always groping for words and feeling awkward - hopeless. In order to be able to express my feelings about this amazing novel, I would have to be able to write as well as Schweitzer, and that is not going to happen. I can only say this is one of the best books I have ever read. It is beautiful, sad, touching, unpredictable, scary, kind... it makes me shiver, twitch, cry (yes, I am a nervous person, although not overly sentimental, so not every book makes me react like that). Sometimes it makes me smile. 

It is a very big book, in the sense that it has a lot of space inside it, like growing into itself; it is non-linear and unfolds in the ways I would not have guessed. It speaks of big things and of small things in the language that can be understood and related to oneself. I can relate to the pain, uncertainty, hope, fear... to the feeling of loss. I cannot say I fully understand it, but then, the main character does not understand what is going on, for a good part of the book, so I guess I am not that bad. 

I am very glad that I have discovered Darrell Schweitzer for myself. Now I need to find out where to buy all of his books, because I want them all. ...The photo, of course, is not an accurate depiction of the Great River, and it could not be. But it reminds me a bit about the book - this huge body of dark water, mist and reflections - so I decided to put it here. In order to make really good illustrations to Darrell Schweitzer's books, you would have to be in his head, think and see like he does, and also to be able to draw, and who on Earth can do that?

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