Sunday, October 19, 2014

Walking with a Little Fox

Today we went for a walk in the park. The morning was not sunny, but we enjoyed it nonetheless -  it was a beautiful autumn weather. 

My daughter recently became very interested in making her own toys. I understand her - it can be difficult to find exactly what you want. What if you need a tiny fox which easily fits in your pocket and can be hidden in your hand? Where do you find a fox exactly that tiny and with the big beautiful eyes and thick tail? So, we bought some Sculpey clay on Amazon... and Madina made the fox.

It does not really matter that the little creature is somewhat awkward. She sees something in it and gives her own meaning to the tiny sculpture; she polishes and refines it in her mind. Such a primitive toy might be even better, in my opinion, because it leaves something to the imagination of the child. 

So, we baked the fox in the oven early in the morning, to make her durable, and then took her to the park with us and played there. 

We brought a bowl for the fox and fed her with some vegetarian food (had no meat with us). 

...and then we made a cosy home for the fox. You can see that she feels very comfortable there.

So we played and walked for a while, until it started raining, And then we had to go home, because, unfortunately, the fox's house was too small for us. She was inviting us, but we would not fit in.

The next task would be to make a wolf and some other animals to keep company. I share my daughter's happiness and excitement about making her own toys - making something with her own hands!


  1. This is so cute. I am mad about fox art this Fall, so you made a great one. Great job!

  2. like!
    little treasures per little hands

  3. This is the beginning work. A few years later your daughter will have your handmade shop ))

  4. How lovely! Your sweet daughter obviously shares your creative talent! I agree that simple toys are so much better to stimulate the imagination :) The fox's house is so cute! Have a great week!

  5. So sweet and to make your own toy is important not only she uses her imagination but the toy was made by herself and when you can create something you have such an amazing feeling - I can!
    The fox's house is really lovely. Pitty it's a bit small for you two :)

  6. What a special little toy. Better than any bought in a store :)

  7. How sweet! The fox and your daughter are both so cute :)

  8. Oh! I like this tiny, cozy and cute Fox House!


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