Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bukhara Waking Up

I just came from a very short business trip to Bukhara. I only had half an hour in the morning before work to walk around a bit and see some of my favorite places.

Bukhara is especially beautiful when it is almost empty, waking up early in the morning, cleaning herself and preparing for another day with thousands of tourists.

This is one of the many beautiful domes where dozens of little shops are situated.

Shop owners are displaying their goods. 

 Traditional brass vessels. I am not a fan, but they do look amazing.

These are fragments of a crypt which was only recently uncovered. It has not been restored yet and I believe it looks really good the way it is now. Although of course restoration is necessary to make sure the building does not deteriorate further. 

And this is just an old door with a covered hole which looks almost like a pet door. But I think this was a window to see who is knocking.

The photos are nothing special, really - I was in a hurry, and I am not good at photographing architecture, anyway. But I hope to go to Bukhara with my family later this year and take more photos, hopefully better ones. Anyway, what is important is that I have seen the beautiful city and remember what it looks, smells and feels like...


  1. Great short trip! I am interesting about this small door...Maybe it is for delivery goods...

    1. Yes, could be? It is also quite low. I am afraid we will never know for sure.

  2. Oh I think your photos are lovely! They capture the quiet morning of a gorgeous place.

  3. OMG! I love those brass vessels! It would be difficult to place them in my home but I would definitely try because they do look amazing :)

    1. If you decide on the place, I will send you one )

  4. How lucky for you to be going to such wonderful places for work. I hope I can visit Bukhara one day, too! Thank you for the pictures.


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