Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holiday Wreaths by Mindie Lue Gifts

There is one tradition in the West that I regret we do not have. Actually there might be many more than one, but this time I am thinking about decorative wreaths. They are so beautiful! I guess they are more for private houses than for apartments - I do not know where I could hang one in our flat - so my interest in them is purely abstract now. Still, I look at them now and then, admiring their rustic feel and richness of colors. I love both autumn and Christmas wreaths - they all have their own charm.

For instance, this autumn beauty with leaves, flowers, berries and even a lovely embroidered pumpkin. A feast for the eyes! I love everything about harvest, autumn woodland and fields...

This Christmas wreath with bright decorations and an elegant organza bow is very elegant and sophisticated. I always love green and gold together. The large poinsettia flower adds even more festive mood to the already bright

And now my favorite -green with red and white. Ideal harmony of colors and shapes, this is the one I would like to own! The striped balls - do they represent candies? They are candy-like.

After looking at these, I think I could make a small wreath for us - it will be an interesting project... I will see if we have tiny pumpkins and corn here. Leaves we do have, that is for sure!

The wreaths are from MindieLueGifts.


  1. These are very festive and pretty. You could hang a wreath on a wall mirror or on an interior door if you wanted to. BEst wishes.

    1. Thank you! The wall mirror is a great idea!


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