Saturday, October 26, 2013

Turning Vintage Russian Shawls into Infinity Scarves


If you love Russian shawls but do not want to have to manage a large shawl which always gets in the way, with a fringe which gets stuck in your zip fastener or caught with your buttons, our wool infinity scarves can be the perfect solution! We have invented them recently, and that is not much of an invention, of course: we just had some lovely vintage Russian shawls we wished to upcycle. Infinity seemed the most logical way to do it, as this is a very convenient shawl, without any ends you have to take care of.

Right now we are offering this beauty which I think is absolutely gorgeous. Made from a very vintage Russian shawl, which is about as beautiful as the rare "High Born Girl" shawl I have shown earlier, this endless wool scarf is hard to part with. Even though I do not wear red and pink, I am fascinated with it and I simply wish to look at it and to touch it forever - funny, is not it? The scarf is light, soft, warm and beautiful: what else is to be desired? That shawl was a wonderful sample of its breed, with its bright glowing roses and modest field flowers. I am happy that my mother was able to lend a new life to it - otherwise it would be wasted.

When I touch it, I think that it is as precious as soft spun gold.  The noble fine wool is 30 years old or more, and it is still soft and supple. The print is simply amazing, in the best traditions of the famous Pavlovo Posad Manufacture: the lines are clean and precise, like in Japanese prints, but the colors absolutely Russian: they are bright enough to warm you on the darkest winter night in Siberia. It is funny I am so attached to this particular endless scarf, but it is one of the best scarves we have ever had, and my heart melts when I look at its beauty.

It is one of a kind, as the shawl was very old and I do not expect to find another one. There will be others, but not like this one - they will be different, though equally unique.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Handmade Ikat Infinity Scarf, Vintage Incense Burner and Autumn Wreath Giveaway!

The ikat infinity scarf, brass incense burner and autumn wreath, worth US $85 together, will be sent to the international winner. 

You can take a closer look at the silk ikat infinity scarf, incense burner and Thanksgiving wreath. I hope you like them! This is a perfect set for fall - something to warm your body and soul with.

The giveaway works as follows:
First you leave a comment under this post and then sign in the form below to provide your name and to state that you have commented (please use the same name).  
After you indicate that you have left a comment on this blog post,  you will see options for additional entries such as blogging (5 additional entries), sharing at Facebook (5 entries more), etc.
Even if you are not interested in those additional options, you will need to at least register your comment using this form in order to enter, because the winner will be chosen automatically with the help of this software. If you do not do that, you will have no chances to win, sorry.
You can get 10 more entries if you buy something from us on Etsy. In that case, your chances are growing dramatically - actually the first giveaway was won by my customer! Past customers qualify for these additional entries; just give me your Etsy user name and claim your entries.
And if you happen to win - we ship all items for free, including your purchase! (If you do buy, please send to the respective shop owner (Mulberry Terrace, Mindie Lue Gifts or MulberryWhisper) a note to delay shipping until the end of the giveaway). This includes our past customers. If you have already bought from us, you qualify for the additional 10 entries! Claim them and indicate your Etsy user name in the form.
This giveaway is open worldwide and comes with free shipping as long as you have a valid address (no P.O. boxes please). You should be 18 years old and above to qualify. All entries of the drawn winner will be verified.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Rare and Beautiful Russian Shawl by Zlata Olshevskaya

Now and then I stumble upon a vintage Russian shawl while looking for something else. I usually just sell them through our Etsy store without trying to identify the artist. However, I recently decided to try attributing vintage shawls and found a wonderful resource - a big forum at the website of the Pavlovo Posad Manufactory (the most famous Russian shawl factory founded in 1795 as a small silk factory). A lot can be said about the factory, as well as the role of a Russian shawl in a woman's life, but today I just want to show a rare shawl we found yesterday. The shawl experts (or addicts - what a beautiful addiction!) from the forum helped me identify this beauty.

The shawl was designed in 1980 by Zlata Olshevskaya, one of the most interesting artists of Pavlovskiy Posad. It it called 'Boyarishnya' ('Young Boyar Lady' or 'A High Born Girl'). Just look at these brilliant colors and clean lines: a high class Russian shawl cannot be mistaken for anything else. There are lavish pink roses that seem to glow; elegant tulips and smaller flower accents with lovely twigs and branches, and everything is in perfect balance.

The shawl is large, 150x150 cm (60x60 inches). As it is made from wool, it is soft and light, and can protect really well both from cold and from immodest eyes. Of course you can hardly hope to be unnoticed when you wear a piece of art like this...

Zlata Olshevskaya designed a number of beautiful shawls and all of those are eagerly sought by collectors now.  My shawl is not the most rare one of her works, but we were very glad to discover it, anyway. And it will go to my friend in the US, to be loved and proudly worn.

Zlata Olshevskaya was born on 20th October 1920. The photo below is from 1949; Zlata is on the right.

This photo of Zlata was taken much later, but she is still beautiful. Or even more beautiful.

Zlata Olshevskaya lived a long life - 90 years - and left a wonderful heritage of warmth and beauty. I hope to be able to see more of her works in real life, and to be able to touch something she might have touched many years ago while moving along the factory and looking at ready shawls.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My New Uzbek Rug Pillow Case

During my last visit to the bazaar, I bought a stunning Uzbek rug. It was a vintage rug made in the city of Chust, Ferghana Valley, Uzbekistan. The pile on the rug was quite high and had the typical silky sheen of high quality wool; it was also very soft to the touch. But it was the palette that attracted my attention first of all: rich raspberry pink with mustard yellow, taupe, indigo blue and grayish green. They are so much in tune with autumn - think harvest; orchards full of ripe fruits and piles of corn and pumpkins. The design is also unusual in its barbarian boldness, with large shapes and lots of sharp angles.

The rug was somewhat damaged at the edges. I considered mending it and just using on the floor but then decided to make beautiful rug pillows from it. You can see the first one here (and you can buy it in our Etsy shop), and I just love how it turned out! There will be six altogether, and all of them will be lovely, although slightly  different - coming from different parts of the rug.

How do you like it? To me, this is a wonderful example of self-taught artists' freedom in using colors and shapes. The true ethnic spirit is present in every line and streak of color. I know little about carpets coming from that part of Uzbekistan, but I certainly loved this one, and these rug pillow cases seem to be the best we have had so far.

I am still not sure if the decision to make pillows from the rug was good, but now it is too late to regret. However I might keep a rug cushion, or maybe two... they are so unique and beautiful - it will be too hard not to keep a piece of this beauty to myself.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Holiday Wreaths by Mindie Lue Gifts

There is one tradition in the West that I regret we do not have. Actually there might be many more than one, but this time I am thinking about decorative wreaths. They are so beautiful! I guess they are more for private houses than for apartments - I do not know where I could hang one in our flat - so my interest in them is purely abstract now. Still, I look at them now and then, admiring their rustic feel and richness of colors. I love both autumn and Christmas wreaths - they all have their own charm.

For instance, this autumn beauty with leaves, flowers, berries and even a lovely embroidered pumpkin. A feast for the eyes! I love everything about harvest, autumn woodland and fields...

This Christmas wreath with bright decorations and an elegant organza bow is very elegant and sophisticated. I always love green and gold together. The large poinsettia flower adds even more festive mood to the already bright

And now my favorite -green with red and white. Ideal harmony of colors and shapes, this is the one I would like to own! The striped balls - do they represent candies? They are candy-like.

After looking at these, I think I could make a small wreath for us - it will be an interesting project... I will see if we have tiny pumpkins and corn here. Leaves we do have, that is for sure!

The wreaths are from MindieLueGifts.

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