Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Suzani Bags by Mulberry Whisper

We made several bags from vintage suzani, just to see how it goes. My mother acted as a model for the photo with the large suzani bag with flowers, leaves and vine.

These tote bags made from velvet Uzbek suzani are very basic; given the intricate embroidery, we decided to keep them simple. They are strong enough to serve as book bags or beach bags, or just shopping bags - you choose.

The smaller suzani bag  (we have two of those) bears symbols of sun and water and is also very nice.

We shall keep looking for beautiful vintage suzani and ikats made in Uzbekistan to produce more pieces which are both practical and beautiful, being a part of ancient Uzbek history and culture. Please check our Mulberry Whisper shop now and then - we hope you find something to like.


  1. Ljve these bags and the model )

  2. Gorgeous bags and great model :)
    I love the happy patterns on the fabrics, and that they are unique to your country!

  3. Very stylish! I love big bags!

  4. What beautiful fabric! The design and colors are both great!

  5. Beautiful new bags! Love your idea on using velvet Uzbek suzani!

  6. Wow! Its very beautiful bag!


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