Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Colors of Uzbek Ikats: What Are Your Favorite Flowers?

Every spring, when Uzbekistan is bursting with bright flowers and new leaves, I am astonished to see the resemblance between this feast of colors and the pallette of traditional Uzbek ikat silk fabrics. These silks display an array of colors so similar to the colors of tulips, violets, dandelions, poppies and a legion of field flowers whose names are unknown to me.

I can feel where the inspiration of weavers came from when I look at the tulips in our Botanical garden in Tashkent. And then look at this ikat infinity scarf ($35 in our Etsy shop):
See how the colors are matched?  Ikat silk, hand dyed and hand loomed in Margilan, reflects the palette of our beautiful land. Our spring is so rich in colors and sounds that sometimes I become tired of it - bright sun, turquoise sky, emerald grass, so unbelievably green as if it were painted; flowers, bees, birds... and fragrances on top.

Another example of silk fabric which seems to be an abstract painting inspired by flowers. The silk of this endless scarf ($35 in our Etsy shop) is smooth as flower petals, too, and feels wonderful against bare skin.

Our ikat infinity scarves are on sale now; grasp them while they last. They will accompany you from spring through winter, brightening every day with the lively colors and traditional ethnic designs of Uzbekistan. The scarves are hand made and one of a kind.


  1. Oh wow, the colors really match. Both the scarf and the flowers look amazing.

  2. The colors match perfectly.
    I wish you could smell the sweet fragrance of a gardenia. Just lovely!

  3. I visited your Etsy store. They are all so beautiful!

  4. That's really neat how the colors match the fabrics so well!
    Tulips are one of my favorite flowers :)

  5. Gorgeous colors! Both the flowers and your ikat silk scarves :) and what a fabulous idea with infinity scarfs!


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