Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ikat Silk Clothing for Spring: The Quest of Custom Design

We have just finished two pieces for a long-time customer and a dear friend of ours. My mother has done her best to design individually (she never uses ready patterns) and make these two items.

The shorter length silk coat is made from Uzbek ikat silk (adras) with a striking tribal design. Its magnificent cowl collar makes it stand out. I like the way it looks when buttoned; however when unbuttoned and open it is just stunning. The lining is from vintage silk and cotton fabric so the whole coat is made from natural fibers. The listing for custom order of a similar silk ikat coat can be found in our Etsy shop, Mulberry Whisper.

And this is my mother's drawing that served as a basis for this design.

The second piece is an ikat silk shirt with empire waist and draped front. This one is made from thin and lush shoyi silk; it is green with red overtones. I love how my mother has placed the design here and I told her how proud I  was of her vision and skills.This silk ikat top is very flattering an stylish, yet extremely comfortable and relaxed. It can be ordered here.

We hope that these two pieces reach our customer quickly and that she loves them. This is not an easy work but it is very exciting and rewarding; my mother always says that each piece is a quest for her. She looks for the best way to present the beautiful Uzbek silk fabric, making sure that the clothing is also in line with the customer's image and meets her or his needs. A quest, indeed! Now there is another jacket to be made.


  1. I love all what you and your mom create ) Thank you for this beauty.

  2. Great job. I loved the color of the second shirt.

  3. какая стильная вешь!!!! Мвме респект и привет

  4. The jacket looks great all buttoned up! And the top looks very comfortable.

  5. Very interesting work with narrow and rapport fabric.

  6. Wow! Such a beauty! Your mom is truly talented! I love her designs :)

  7. Gorgeous designs! Your mom is very talented!


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