Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Vintage Rocking Horse from Renee's Retro

This vintage wooden rocking horse is from ReneesRetro on Etsy. The moment I saw it, I realized I had to have it, to put it on my dressing table, just like this:

I love horses, and rocking horses in particular. I never had such a toy as a child, and my own daughter is indifferent to them, so I now have a mini version for myself, to marvel at. It comes from an Italian family and has no markings - possibly self-made. 

Renee was amazingly kind; she gave me a discount, and even sent a lovely present for my daughter - a necklace she made together with her granddaughter. Madina is proudly wearing the necklace to her kindergarten. So, this was a great experience overall - dear Renee, thank you so much! I am coming to your shop now and then to look for more treasures.


  1. Such a lovely rocking horse! :)

  2. Your dressing table looks so elegant! Ant it feels that the horse found it's only place.

  3. Какая коняшка!!!!!!!!

  4. What a cute little horse! And it sounds like a wonderful shop!


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