Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to our vintage shop - Mulberry Terrace!

My dear younger cousin Gafa who lives in Appleton, Wisconsin, has opened his own Etsy shop. It is called Mulberry Terrace to ensure certain continuity and link to our own Mulberry Whisper, and Gafa sells his vintage finds there. So far, he has found three absolutely amazing vintage baskets - see one of them below:

It is a mail basket, roomy and shabby, and we are sure that every home need one. Even if not everyone is aware of it.

There is an equally amazing set of Norman Rockwell glasses with Saturday Evening Post pictures:

...a fantastic bright red vintage French omelet pan by Mirro -

...an etched cake server with lovely tarnish -

...and several vintage dolls; one of them is actually antique, a lovely blond girl by Kley and Hahn:

I urged Gafa very strongly to only buy things he really likes, because if something does not sell we will have to keep it. Looking at what we have now, I think I can keep the antique German doll and one of the baskets, while he is welcome to keep the rest: however I do hope we sell everything! Gafa has sold two beautiful vintage teddy bears to Japan on the second day after opening, which is a very good sign to me; he is quite good at selling and buying. So, dear younger brother, congratulations on your new shop and best of luck with thrifting and selling!


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