Friday, January 25, 2013

Silk Ikat Infinity Scarf - Our First Experience

I have been looking at infinity scarves for quite a while, but cannot say I was fascinated with them. Possibly this was because I only saw them in photos. I was not inclined to carry them in our Etsy shop, Mulberry Whisper, but at last I decided to make it a try and asked my mother to make one.

We selected a lovely piece of Uzbek ikat silk - khan-atlas, loomed from variegated (self-patterning) yarn. This fabric is quite thick, supple, smooth and cool to the touch. We discussed the size, and my mother produced our first silk ikat infinity scarf! 

I must say that when I just saw it I was not too impressed. Of course Uzbek ikat fabric is striking, but what is so special about this particular type of scarf? Why are people so crazy about these scarves - infinity, eternity, loop, circle scarves and whatever else they are called? I was wondering... and then I started playing with the scarf, wrapping it carelessly around the neck of the mannequin...

...or letting it slip from the shoulder, which should look stunning with a strapless dress or a corset...

...or letting it rest on the shoulders like a huge cowl...

...and finally I let it unwrap in a single loop to look at this striking Uzbek ethnic pattern, all in multicolored lightnings - emerald green, red, yellow, blue, black, white... It is a generous size, and the design shows beautifully. The lush fabric is so smooth, it is gleaming softly, and you feel tempted to touch it again and again, just to enjoy the sensation of pure silk under your fingers.

Stunning. This is the right word to describe our ikat infinity scarf. It is so simple and easy to wear, and yet so expressive and bold - I understand now why people love these circle scarves so much. We will make more - we are eager to see this design in different shades and patterns of silk and cotton; put them on Arabella, our mannequin, and then stand and stare in admiration.

What about you? Do you like infinity scarves? Do you wear them? If yes, what colors and fabrics you prefer? Thank you!


  1. What wonderful! I can already imagine the look with this scarf!

  2. Beautiful! I love it hung over one shoulder! A very smart choice to add to your shop!

  3. Hi,thank you so much at first for your return visit and lovely comment. I appreciated.
    I planted as well blackberry and this spring start to prepare the climbing roses ;)
    wow, Silk ikat. We have in Indonesia my native land called Tenun Ikat/ weaving ikat variety range of fibers.
    so happy to hear 'Ikat' from Uzbek .
    have a nice week


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