Monday, January 28, 2013

More Ikat Infinity Scarves

We were so happy with our first ikat infinity scarf (which was bought right away) that we immediately made two new ones. I greatly enjoyed playing with these silk circle scarves, wrapping and draping them in so many ways. One of them is just insanely beautiful:

It is not easy to combine several different pieces of bright fabric with bold and intricate patterns into a balanced piece - I heartily congratulated my mother on this success! Taking photos of this scarf was a great pleasure, and the only hard part was to choose the main photo for the listing in our Etsy shop - I just could not decide which one I liked more. This rainbow of colors in traditional Uzbek ikat patterns is not for the faint of heart!

The second loop scarf is made from very old vintage Uzbek silk with black, white and dark green ikat pattern. It is almost antique (definitely older than myself), and amazingly smooth and supple - lovely to the touch! Certainly not as striking as the previous one, but probably is easier to wear.

It drapes softly, and will look great anywhere you go.We are very excited about this line, and working on these scarves is a pleasure. A loop scarf provides endless possibilities of wrapping it around your neck and shoulders (might be used as head scarves, too - I need to give it a try) in different ways, and pure mulberry silk is wonderful to the touch.

I hope there will be many more new ikat silk scarves at Mulberry Whisper soon; we should have introduced them long ago. Uzbek silks, with their gorgeous ethnic patterns, are an excellent choice for endless scarves, and we have plenty of fabrics to choose from.


  1. Gorgeous scarves, they will decorate the ladies this spring! I wish you more good buyers.

  2. Nice scarves! I like infinity scarf

  3. Those are absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for stopping in at Cranberry Morning today. :-)


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