Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Katherine's Enamel Bracelet by A Fine Line on Etsy

This is something I should have written a while ago, but somehow I could not get everything together. By "everything" I mean myself with my camera, my sister and her bracelet we gave her for her 12th birthday last November. But finally we have met and at last I am writing this.

I always try to write about purchases which made us happy, and we were especially pleased with this particular find. I was looking for something to give to Katherine - something to last, unlike countless mass-market dolls, child's cosmetics, hair clips etc. - and I decided to look for affordable vintage children's jewelry. I was thinking of something in the range of 50 dollars and was looking at vintage silver bracelets on Etsy.

Then I found this lovely bracelet - Child's Sterling Silver and Guilloche Enamel Heart Bracelet with Handpainted Roses, it was called in the shop - and the moment I saw it, I realized we had to have it. Only it was more than two times more expensive than my perceived budget. I tried to look for more affordable items, but I kept coming back to look at this lovely piece and finally decided to write to the seller and ask if a discount was possible. 

Jana Robers Nelson, the owner of that shop named eyessayall (A Fine Line) was amazingly kind to me. She gave me a very substantial discount, packed this bracelet really well and shipped it promptly. It arrived well before the birthday date, and both my mother and me were much tempted to give it to Katherine earlier, to see how she reacts. However we have not done this (although my mother has done a similar thing on many occasions) and she received her present on her birthday.

She loves her bracelet and wears it all the time. I am sure she would wear it to the swimming pool and to her Taekwondo club if we allowed her. Frankly, I would wear it myself if it fit me - I like it so much, these delicate enamel hearts with pink roses on cream background.

Jana is a wonderful seller and an extremely nice person. Her shop is full of beautiful and unique things, and I especially love her beautiful enamel pieces. There are guilloche  lockets and brooches, earrings and necklaces, a lovely spoon, and so much more! She also offers Anri wooden figurines which look as if they came directly from a fairy tale. It is easy to find something to love there - this is a very nice shop with lots of individuality.

Dear Jana, I want to thank you again for this lovely bracelet; Katherine is also thanking you and wishing you all the best. We hope to be in touch!


  1. That is such a sweet bracelet! I love hearts and roses :)
    It looks very pretty on Katherine!

  2. What a wonderful gift for your sister! It's beautiful and she looks great wearing it :)

  3. Excellent bracelet!
    Katherine is very suitable!

  4. Katherine, what a truly lovely young lady you are and the bracelet suits you perfectly! Eugenie, thank you so much for your recommendations. You are too kind! I cannot express how thankful I am.

    Health and Happiness!!!!


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