Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My New Silky Rug: More Pillows are Coming!

This is my newest find - a lovely vintage rug, smooth, supple and silky to the touch, in stunning colors. I love the pattern, especially the tiny funny animals. It is much better live - striking! I paid much more than I usually pay for rugs I buy to make kilim pillows, and when I told my mother about it she said I was crazy. But then I took it out from the bag to show her, and of course she was fascinated with it, too.

I am hoping to list cushion covers made from it in the Mulberry Whisper shop on Etsy this week - do not miss them, if you like this rug, because there will not be many; the rug is not big. I guess it is made of rayon and cotton - feels like natural fibers.


  1. Gorgeous rug! Can't wait to see the pillows :)

  2. OMG! this one is amazing!!!!!

  3. How beautiful! I would like this for the sofa. Someday in my house ...

  4. That is a gorgeous rug! And so are your other Etsy items.

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. Glad you enjoyed my neighbor's red barn in the snow. :-)

  5. Gorgeous colors! The rug will make some beautiful pillows.

  6. That is stunning, and the pillows will be lovely.



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