Sunday, November 18, 2012

Supposedly A Doberman: Rescued from a Rescue

This creature now lives with my friend in Russia. She took him home from a local rescue organization. Basically she and her friends saved him from that rescue - the rescue people found him somewhere and then were trying to sell him (for a long time), obviously forgetting to feed him. It is amazing that a rescue can behave like that! My friends literally crashed the doors of the rescue and took the dog (which may not be quite legal, but I totally approve of it). The rescue people tried to squeeze out some money for this skeleton of a dog! (A minute ago my 6 year old daughter looked at the lower picture and muttered - 'What is that thing? I do not get it').

Many rescues in our countries are like that now. They collect money and do not report on their use; they neglect animals; sometimes they let them breed, and even eat each other. Not all rescue organizations are like that, of course - we have some good examples in Russia, too. But not in Uzbekistan (my country). We still have a long way to go.

...The dog will live, most likely. It is a 7-8 months old pup. He eats and digests well. His whole life now is about food - when he does not eat or sleep, he keeps searching the house and sniffing for food. He is fed every three hours in small portions.My friend's Toller Retriever tries to play with him, but he needs to start feeling like a dog, rather than like an embodiment of hunger, before he can play.

However he loves to be petted; my friend says that he is 'pathologically tender'. He stands at her side, waiting for her to put her hand on his head. He stands, waiting, as long as he can... only he cannot stand long now. He starts waving and then he sits down if he manages to coordinate the movement or just falls on the floor. Lena does what she can to make him feel better.


  1. What a story. I am so happy for this dog. It sounds like he is in the good hands now. Best of luck to your friend and her new pet!

    1. Thank you! I do not know if she keeps him to herself, but she will certainly keep him until he feels fine, and then she will supervise him forever as she always does.

  2. All than I have to say is that it is great that there are people who care...

  3. Poor dog! It is so sad that people can be so mean! I do hope that he will be OK, it sounds like he is in good hands now!

  4. Oh my God... the poor creature! It is so terrible, horrible and quite simply disgusting that people who are supposed to HELP animals can behave so unhumanly... I'm so happy to hear that this one doggy's story had a happy end! I'm sure he will enjoy a happy, healthy life filled with love and dignity... thanks to your friend!!!

  5. How very sad that the "rescues" act this way! How great of your friend to make a stand and take in this beautiful dog. I'm glad this story has a happy ending :)

  6. Oh my, poor guy! I hope he survives and gets to his normal weight. Feel so bad for him! I have 2 dobermans, all they do is sniff for food too, but they have plenty :).


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