Monday, November 19, 2012

To My Israeli Friends

"Minutes ago, a rocket siren went off in Tel Aviv. Everyone ran for cover. Our photographer just took this photo on a train as he took cover. Luckily for us, the Iron Dome intercepted the rocket" - source

Our media seems to be happily indifferent to what is going on in Israel and Gaza. I found two pieces of news, between rumors of face lifting made by an aging cinema star and discussion of benefits of consuming raw beetroot. International news often look skewed, focusing on Israel's response. My news come from a handmade forum where I have Israeli friends, mostly women with children. 

From what I understand, it was more or less quiet in Israel and Gaza recently, save for missiles routinely flying from Gaza to the south of the country. ("It is never totally quiet here, Eugenie" - says my friend). People are so much used to living under fire there - it is not even discussed, being sort of normal. And then of course there are constant attempt at terrorist acts, and constant counteraction by Israel.  I do not know much about politics, but now I know something about my Israeli friends' daily routine recently. 

This is what I read in our forum - just several quotes, those that touched me most of all.

"Children in Sderot lived under fire for years. They learned how to find a shelter whithin 15 seconds - this is how long it takes for a missile from Gaza to arrive". 

 "I look at my son and my heart drops. And I cannot just put my head in the sand... We do not have air raid alarms now and no other sounds, but it does not make things better". 

"I did not take my son to the kindergarten today - their  bomb shelter is too flimsy. He stays with me. He heard the sirens twice today and told me - it is emergency, a doctor is going to someone! And then I have to explain that it means danger and we need to hide". 

"We went for a walk in the park and heard the alarm, so we hid under one of the houses (houses here are on pillars)".  

"Today is a horrible day. There are many more missiles, and they are much more precise now; the Dome cannot intercept all of them". 

"I am not afraid for myself at all, but I am watching the news... there is no end to this - only in our hopes, but not in reality".  

"It is not possible to come to an agreement with these people.  But we have no right to use the same methods which were used to the Jews throughout the history. It would justify all the atrocities". 

They never say a word of hatred towards their neighbors - instead, they express regret and their desire for peace. And Israel still provides power, natural gas and communication services to Gaza. They also send food and provide healthcare. 

They are asking me not to worry too much: "It is all right, Eugenie, we live like that all the time.  It will become quiet again very soon; come and visit us. You will love the country - it is beautiful".

...My Israeli friends, my heart goes out to you. Thank you for remaining humans at all times. Thank you for serving as an example of courage and kindness. May peace be with you. Of course I will come - and I already love your country and you. 


  1. That is just so sad. Terrible for the children who grow up considering it a "normal" way of life. I'm right there with you hoping and praying for peace.

  2. Thank you... I couldn't even answer immediately after I read this... It is so unusual to hear such words from not Israeli... I cried for a minute and then tried to express my appreciation. We wait you to so we can show you our beautiful land.

    1. Galia, dear... I feel so bad about being unable to do anything to help. I so much wish for this to end; to end for good, so that there are no missiles and terrorists, no suicide bombers. Please take care. And of course I will come - wish me more sales on Etsy, please ))))

  3. We live here in Canada, never having heard a bomb siren go off, in our generation, and we watch it on TV with some detachment, it's not "real" it's on TV. It's not that we don't care, it's that it lacks any sense of urgency, or worry, because it's in another country far away.

    How horrible for them to have to go through this, to know first hand the sounds, and the sights personally.

    All I feel I can do, is pray for peace, and say a I am so sorry. And know that it's not enough.


  4. Женя, спасибо тебе за то, что ты с нами.

  5. Makes me realize just how blessed I am! My heart goes out to these people and their country!


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