Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Madina and Her Skates

Madina learns quad skating - I bought her a pair of Chicago Girl Quads on Amazon, based on excellent reviews, as well as Hanna Montana protection set (my girl loves glamour and Swarovski),  and now every weekend we go to the park to train. The roads are not ideal there as you can see, but mostly are acceptable. She was terribly afraid at first and even cried once and told me to give the skates to another girl, but then she took an effort and got rid of her fear. She skates without support and learns turns and stops.

We are very proud of her little successes, and most of all of the fact that she mastered her fears. Now, even if she falls, she insists on getting on her feet without help. Madina herself is very proud of her skates (see the last photo? she demanded that I make 'a portrait' of the quads). We need to find a company of kids who skate, so that she can train and play with them; I will think of where to find them... skating is not very well developed here. 


  1. OMG!! she is so sweet and beautiful!!!

  2. She looks so cute all dressed up in pink! I love that her skates match :)

  3. How adorable! She is such a cutie.

    <3 Melissa

  4. It's great that you're actively supporting her in doing this.There's a lot to that overcoming one's fears. Beautiful photos!


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