Friday, November 2, 2012

Jager in the Colors of Fall

...Actually I am used to him and largely take him for granted not really 'seeing' him. And then there is a moment when I see him as if anew and cannot quite believe that this concentration of power, beauty, character and love is owned by me. He is mine!

I think his breeder might be tired of my letters with thanks and praises, but he will have to bear with me. Marc Peeters of Arrack's Home produces amazing dogs, easy to work and live with.


  1. Jager is stunning - what a wonderful photo!

  2. Jager has a magnificent posture. I can tell from your picture that he is very sure of himself and he knows he is loved. What a gorgeous dog!

    1. Sandy, thank you! I am so immodestly proud of him!


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