Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dogs in the Park

We went for a walk with my friends today - they have a Labrador and a Dalmatian. The weather was beautiful, the dogs played, and I took some photos. Not much to say here. My dog mostly spends time with me, but sometimes I give him a chance to play with dogs. He still checks on me all the time though.

It is funny that he looks naked to me without a collar. We take off the collars to avoid damage to teeth and Jager looks so unusual; just like a wild animal. And there is a lot of wild in him for real; I often feel somewhat surprised that he obeys me willingly and happily. My mentor says it is a power of love. I respond by telling him that he is a hopelessly old fashioned romantic.


  1. I love this post and these photos and I think, you know a reason. Of course, I miss you, your dog, our seldom,but interesting trips out of the town.Anyway I am happy, that you find a time for meeting with other people and their dogs.

  2. What great photos! You can just see how much fun they're having!

  3. Amzing photos.
    Jarna liked to play with other dogs before, but last years she prefers to be alone for some reason.
    What kind of collar do they wear that it can damage their teeth?

    1. Jager does not play much, too - he prefers my company. But sometimes he does play and I like taking photos of the process. As for the collars, any collar can pull a tooth out in case of a bad luck - think buckles and D-rings.


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