Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spring, Do You Miss Us, Too?

Yulduz Usmanova is easily the best Uzbek female singer. She seems to have been forever - I remember we had her album when I was really small - and she still looks young and seems to be full of life. I do not like her musical style in general (there is too much noisy music, to my taste), and I always regret she does not sing folk songs with acoustic accompaniment, or blues and jazz - those styles would suit her voice perfectly, in my view. But certainly I am not the one to tell her what to sing or not to sing. In any case, I love her voice, strong and emotional, with its smoky notes; she uses it skilfully.

This song I have not heard before. The title can be translated as 'Spring, Do You Miss Us, Too?" It is beautiful and is clearly based on folk music. Hope you like it.


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