Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Custom Order Screens and Other Things

...Life has been busy recently, which is not a bad thing of course. Today I need to ship three packages, and there will be two more tomorrow; right now I work at home, so I have time to go to the post office more often, as items are ready.

Within the last several weeks, two of my items which were reserved for specific customers were bought by someone else. This causes certain difficulties for me as I have to cancel the order and wait for the cancellation to be processed, and this is a nuisance to me and a disappointment to the buyer. 

In the first case, my customer just gave up a magnificent Russian floral wool shawl originally reserved for her, telling me not to cancel the order for her sake. In the second case I had to cancel the order because I promised to send that scarf as a gift to another customer. Now I understand why people use screens with words like 'RESERVED' or 'CUSTOM ORDER' - for custom orders and layaways, hiding the actual item pictures. It is because the buyers often do not read carefully. 

To a  certain extent I am pleased that someone was so thrilled with my item that decided to buy it immediately; on the other hand, I would prefer people to actually read the text... at least some of it, where it says about dimensions and specifics...

So I made two pictures for my custom orders and layaways and hope they will help prevent such accidents. 

These are based on old parchment and suzani and old hand printed fabric. I can already see I will need to adjust the letters because on preview they touch the right border, but I can do it later.

Today I need to ship the packages, proofread a report (my boring 'real' work) and take my dog to the club, to register him for a show and an obedience exam. I am not really interested in dog shows, and actually I believe the dog show industry (that is, after it became an industry) has caused a huge irreparable damage to health and working qualities of most breeds. But I want to show him to have a written statement that he has all teeth in place; given how this crazy Mechelaar uses them, he can lose some (in theory) during protection training; such cases are known. And we need to pass the obedience to have our paper on hands.

He looks just like a mythical dragon sometimes:


  1. Have fun with Jagger! He is a great dog! :)

    1. Thanks Gafa! he always has fun, it is his style of living )))

  2. Congratulations on having a successful business, although I know it can be very demanding.
    Cute photo of your dog.
    Glad your mom loves her dachshund, too!

    1. Mildred, thank you so much. We still have a huge scope for improvement. And I am very tired sometimes, you are right...

      Of course we love our dogs )) I will write more on mom's dog, she is so nice )

  3. Поздравляю с успехами в бизнесе, твой старт на Этси меня очень впечатляет :)
    На дракончика действительно похож :) Успехов в учебе!

    1. Катя, большое спасибо! мне очень приятно! Это нелегко дается.... но мама хочет, чтоб магазинчик работал и был успешным, вот и стараюсь.

      Сегодня оказца в клуб его не поведу, они там заняты подготовкой к выставке. Сама заеду, закину документы для регистрации на выставку. Уф, уф.... мне еще надо его подготовить к тому, что судья полезет ему под хвост, проверять, все ли на месте ) выставочные собаки приучаются с детства, ну а я его не приучала. В общем, мы выставимся абы как ))) ну и ладно...

    2. Держу за вас кулачки :)

  4. That's great that people are so eager to buy your items...that's a great "problem" to have :) But I agree that the Custom Order graphic is nice to have. It's amazing how people don't read the description!
    Jagger is so cute...hope he does well at the show :)


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