Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, my Jager!

My beloved dog, Arrack's Home Jagger (call name Jager), is 2 years old today! I am congratulating him, his breeder Marc Peeters, and myself!

On Sunday we were at a dog show. I am not really interested in shows, this was our first  experience. Jager was titled Best of Breed, for which I am grateful, but it is not really important. It was more interesting for me to show some obedience and just to watch him in the crowd once again. He always behaves perfectly  and does everything to please me - my perfect dog!


  1. Wonderful photos of you both. Happy Birthday to your sweet dog.

  2. С днем рождения Джагера (Правильно имя написала??)!!!! ПОздравляю с хорошим выступлением :))

  3. He is such a cutie! :) Happy Birthday, Jager!

  4. Happy Birthday Jager! Glad the show went well!

  5. As I already told you - Jagger is amazing and Happy Birthday to him :) What is the history of his name?

    But I also see you first time with a new hair cut! Looks very nice!

    P.S. The 3d photo is adorable!!

  6. Aww, what a handsome fellow! Great photos of the both of you. I can tell you two really click together and that's what counts. If he was human, he would finish your sentences. Happy Birthday Jager!!


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