Sunday, September 23, 2012

My White Curtains

I have always had a weakness for embroidery. As a girl, I was taught to embroider by a very good artist who was trained in Torjok, traditional Russian center for needlework crafts. She was amazing; I could look at her completed works for hours. I have not learned much, but I can appreciate a good piece. So you will understand, I could not leave without these curtains.

I was looking for vintage silk and came to say hello to an old acquaintance of mine. That lady makes very good embroidery using her old sewing machine. She sells her own works, and sometimes vintage. Today she had one of these curtains on display... my heart stopped beating... I asked the price, and then I learned she had five of them! Fortunately, I still had enough cash, and I took all five.

At home I was admiring them for half an hour. The embroidery in the middle is amazing. It looks like filet crochet, but that is embroidered net, Russian style. And then there is beautiful cutwork, and a wide border of lace at the bottom, with lovely tassels. Someone gave a lot of time and commitment to make these.Not everyone knows how long it takes to make these things. It is very hard on the eyes, too. 

I listed them for sale. I do not have a room suitable for them, and certainly I could not cut them for pillow cases. If they do not sell for the listed price, I will just keep them and try to do something with my kitchen to be able to hang them... However I will be glad to let them go to a good home.


  1. Amazing what can be done by hands. I admire those peoples who have patience for this craft.

    1. You know, there are very few people now who make these things. Life became faster and busier, and free time is filled with soaps and internet now.

  2. They are very pretty. I was stitching in my younger years and I know how much work is involved in hand embroidery. Great curtains!

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