Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Dog Cannot Hear Me!...

...Some people seem to think that if their dogs do not obey their commands this is just because the dogs have not heard them well. So they increase volume to make it easier for the dogs to hear and understand.

A lady behind my window has been shouting for half an hour now, with increasing loudness: 'Celine! Come! Come, I told you!!! Do you want me to spank you?... Come immediately, you bad girl!...', and then - 'Sit. Sit! Have not you heard me? I told you to SIT! Not walk away! Sit down, Celine, darn you!!!...'.

I cannot tell you how much it irritates me. I try to be patient and remember that not all people are as interested in dog training as I am. It is not really necessary for this elderly lady with a very loud voice to have an ideally obedient cocker spaniel, so why should I bother? The dog is not young, too. However I cannot help twitching uncomfortably when hes screams become especially loud and emotional. If you did not train your dog, you should not expect it to obey.

It is just 8 am, and the clean morning air is full of these screams. She also whistles from time to time and pleads the dog to come at last. Maybe I just need to close the windows...

Tomorrow I shall go for a long walk with my own dog. Not to train - just to walk and play in the big unkempt park a couple of miles from home. I like the place because it looks so wild, and there are no people at all in the morning. Our walks were limited recently due to me being overloaded; need to compensate him for that.


  1. Agreed....we have a very similar neighbour and it makes me sad for their pets. Oli gets extra love in compensation.

    1. Oh, Laura, there are now two of them. A girl from the house next to ours also bought a cocker spaniel pup. The girl is younger and has a stronger voice. Gosh... I would offer to consult her, but I am sure she will not listen. People come to me often asking for advice; I explain patiently about conflict free training, motivation and building a good contact with the dog, but almost no one really uses this. I am talking to the emptiness, in most cases.

      A dog needs to know little, actually, in order to be problem free; it should come immediately when called and it should stop doing something when told. This is enough to live happily. And this is what most people here cannot get from their dogs, because they are not thinking and working with the dogs, and then they get all sorts of problems. Eh well.

      I think the majority of pet owners does not really need those pets (at least here, in my country). We have few responsible owners. This might sound very arrogant, but this is not because I am so proud of myself; I just feel sorry for the animals. And I have a big website in Russian, promoting responsible ownership, etc.; it is also used for rescue activities. I am so sick of people getting rid of their animals for different reasons... I have seen so much in the past 7 years - I often think all our awareness raising efforts are in vain. We need a strong legislation punishing for abuse, abandonment etc. Until we have that, there will be no change.

      So, what I wanted to say is that I so much want to tell these two ladies to shut up.

    2. Кокеры вообще сложные собаки. и часто кусучие.
      они выглядят игрушкой. но это не так.
      Кокер спасиель изначально охотничья собака.
      умная сильная ( он же должен приносить в зубах утку).
      м ывидели в собачьем приюте семью наикрасивейших английских коккеров.
      увы их сдали, потому что хозяин не справился с воспитанием.

    3. Да по большому счету, любая собака - не игрушка... И у пекинесов есть характер, и даже у померанцев. Был нашумевший случай, миниатюрный шпиц загрыз младенца. Кошмар. В общем, любую собаку надо воспитывать. А если ты не дрессировал, то ори или не ори - не поможет. А уж как неэстетичен этот ор...

      Заводить целое семейство собак, не умея воспитывать - это жесть.

  2. Your dog is gorgeous! So sorry that you can't enjoy your windows being open due to the neighbors. Some people don't have the patience needed to be a dog owner.
    I hope you both enjoy your walk/run in the park.

    1. Thank you, Mildred! I think he is the most wonderful dog in the world. As for the neighbors, these things are sent to try us.

      As for the walk, I hope we will go tomorrow - I need to go to bed early today.

  3. Unfortunately my dog has selective hearing. Fortunately for my neighbors I don't raise my voice when he doesn't obey. I have begun to work a little harder on being a better pet owner. :)

    1. Ah, I am fine with disobedient dogs as far as there is no shouting, beating and biting. My mom's rescue Dachshund is not trained, but she is always on leash when outside, and her disobedience at home is not a big deal. She is the sweetest thing ever. But it is these screams, and sometimes beating, which irritate me.


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