Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Milestone for our Etsy Shop


Today the number of 'admirers' of our Etsy shop has reached 300 people. This is a very important milestone for me. I opened the shop on February 16, we received the first order (a custom made chiffon blouse) on March 13, and worked throughout the spring. 

In June I was not doing anything for the shop at all, due to being overloaded with my 'real' work and having to deal with personal and health issues.

I had a great vacation in July, and came back well rested. I still was not sure about how much time and energy I wanted to invest in the shop. My photos were horrendous, my texts were bad. But I looked at all the wonderful feedback left by the customers, and my heart melted... Even though pictures were bad, the actual things were good, and people loved them. It was my fault that I could not present them well. 

I consulted with my beloved Russian Artists's Team and made an effort to improve. I read articles on how to make better pictures in totally unsuitable conditions (I have to photograph in a rather small room with poor lighting and this is unlikely to change in the near future) and how to make my shop more easily found. Later on I joined the Upcyclers' Team, and they provided lots of support, too.

I revamped my shop three times within three days, changing most of the photos, until I came up with the style I considered most suitable. I am almost happy with what I have now.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped, with special thanks going to Irina of IrinaPhotographyCard, who knows everything about photography and is always happy to help; to Lana of BelleCoccinelle, who gives me priceless advice on home textiles and style - and her own style is impeccable; to Lena of LenaMer, who supported me throughout the revamping process; to Oksana of LaFiabaRussa for advising me on how to arrange the giveaway in the best possible manner, and to each and everyone who supported. Even a few words like 'Eugenie, I love what you are doing - keep up the good work!' are important and valuable. 

I do apologize if I forgot to mention someone specifically. I would love to thank all the team fellows, and even some of those people who do not know me personally and never talked to me. There are some really amazing shops out there which serve as great models to me in terms of coherence of style, quality of photos and texts, and shop policies. I do my best to learn. 

And of course I thank my wonderful customers for their support and trust in us! We work for you, and your satisfaction is the best reward for us.

To conclude with, I want to share a lovely feedback I received yesterday from Vivian who bought four silk ikat scarves in our shop.

'...The colours are out of this world, far more subtle than on the PC, and the whole scarf is just breathtaking. What extraordinary craftsmanship to make these beauties! And the service was as outstanding as the scarves. Thanks for providing us with the opportunity to buy these beautiful things!'

This is what gives me energy to go on, even when I am really tired. Thank you!


  1. Eugenie, you are beautiful! And so is your shop :))) You doing an amazing job at your shop, and I'm grateful I had the chance to know you!

  2. Lena, dear, thank you so much! I am happy to have you as a friend, too.

    By the way, your own shop looks amazing with the new photos. That model is most unusual and striking.

  3. Replies
    1. Irina, thank you! By the way, I only learned today that this is yours -
      Amazing, I did not know that.

      The numbers of sales and admirers are astonishing, but it is only logical, given the quality of items.

  4. Женя, поздравляю с такими чудесными переменами, твой магазин чудесен :)) Ты молодчинка!

    1. Катя, огромное спасибо, и за эти слова, и за поддержку всяческую вообще )

      Кстати, я, кажется, только что нашла твой блог для Этси. Буду в него часто заглядывать. У меня есть большая просьба - пожалуйста, сними капчу. Мучаюсь. Уж лучше премодерацию... Хотя вот у меня ни одного спам-коммента не было пока, и на моем собачьем блоге, который довольно популярен, в последнее время их нет.

  5. This is dreamy!So delicate and classy! Wonderful photograph!

    1. Thank you, Irina is a very good photographer indeed.

  6. Congratulations, your shop looks great ! I'm sure all your work will bring in lots of new customers : )


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