Monday, August 20, 2012

Silk Ikats in the Colors of My Land

Uzbek silk ikats in natural colors may not be as striking as the brighter versions. Silk adras in the shades of earth, sand, autumn leaves, dry herbs and weathered wood does not carry the same air of eternal festival as the brighter Uzbek silk satin fabrics (khan atlas) do, with their stunning color combinations and smooth shine. However, these rustic matte fabrics seem to grow on you, just like our steppes and mountains do. You look at them and think - it is nothing special. But then you just keep watching, unwilling to leave. You keep standing there breathing the cold air smelling of aromatic herbs, dry soil and cold running water, and feeling totally and absurdly happy.

They still use natural vegetable dyes to produce natural color ikat fabrics here in Uzbekistan. And, of course, these fabrics are handwoven using primitive wooden looms. Those looms are narrow, and so are the resulting fabrics; you need many yards of Uzbek ikat for a simple dress or jacket. However, the result is worth the efforts; these fabrics feel so alive and nice to the touch, letting your skin breath, and of course they make beautiful and unique pieces. Their subdued colors look great with brighter accessories such as coral necklaces or carnelian bracelets. 

Besides, these ikat fabrics are perfect for ethnic style housewares, and especially for pillow cases such as ours shown below. You can instantly fill your home with the spirit of adventure and travels, adding some Uzbek ikat pieces to the interior.


  1. Потрясающее сочетание цветов!

  2. Спасибо! сама в восторге от них ))

  3. Great post. These are amazing fabrics. I'm a big huge devotee of these...

  4. Thank you! I see, you have quite a collection - a feast for the eyes! off to read your blog!

  5. Yulia, thank you; I am glad you like them, too.

  6. Amazing colors and interesting info on Uzbek silks. I'm a newbie at anything to do with fabrics and before I've *met* you I didn't even know about Ikat silks, but I'm learning now :)


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